Warum Perazzi?

CUSTOMIZATION: We enable our customers to build a dream machine to break targets according to the wishes of every single customer by offering choices in wood, action finish, barrel lengths, choke selections and sizes, bore sizes, chamber lengths, side ribs, top ribs and even front and mid sights can be chosen.  All these choices can then be matched to the physical specs of a shooter as well as the discipline they compete in. High Performance Shotguns for High Performance Results.


Our locking system is very very very strong with safety as our first focus.  Beware that many of our competitors use cheaper locking systems that don’t grant this kind of protection.



All our Action Frames are hand finished and the engravings are all handmade (including on standard models like the MX2000).  Laser cut engraving is never used in our production techniques.  Customers can choose the colour finish of their order and also choose many additional personalisations that other competitors cannot or do not wish to offer.   The higher grade models also dictate that more time is spent on the finishing details, including the inside parts being finished in a more elegant way.


Great attention is given to the balance of our weapons and this is not only given to the wood but also to the mechanics of the gun through different types of monoblocks which can give the perfect feeling to the customer in a light or heavy gun.


Our monoblock and its structure are able to absorb a lot of the recoil because we produce every part of the shotgun from a full metal piece and this density of material is more stable and works to absorb the recoil much better. The highest quality of steel is selected for Perazzi shotguns and we test the quality of material continuously.


We are proud to be producers and not just assemblers of our guns (as are some of our main competitors) and this means a higher level of quality control on production processes and materials and parts used in your order.



The qualities of our barrels are the key to your success. Our barrels are produced from single full metal tubes and these are soldered at low temperature in order to maintain and keep the highest quality of ballistic performance. As an example barrels that are silver soldered bring the barrel tubes to a temperature that is near to a hardening process and this creates stretching points between the junctions of the side ribs that affect the final ballistic potential of the tubes. We painstakingly take 50 days to produce barrels for each customer’s order rather than producing 100 identical barrels in 2 days like our competitors do. 

We take the time to check the production of the barrels at least 6 times through the process to ensure a high level of quality control. The results of this effort is that our barrels regularly produce a 95% -97% spread in  patterning and that goal is set as a standard for our shotguns. In many cases our competitors who utilise silver solder can only achieve 85-87% in the best case as the inner chroming is affecting the outcome of the lead.


Our barrels offer our customers the choice of Chamber 70mm or 76mm as well as the options for internal diameters on request (for example 18.6 on the lower tube and 18.5 on upper tube to encourage smooth pattern on first barrel and stronger pressure pattern on second barrel for longer distance).


Custom fitting and real choices about your wood selection and styling of your stock are everyday expectations of our brand. Why compromise when you can choose?



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